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STW Biotech Stock
Reports & Analysis
BCRX    EP 4.74
CXM        EP .42
BDSI      EP 2.30
PPHM    EP 1.63
OREX     EP 4.14
ACTC      EP.073
TTNP     EP 1.03
SIGA      EP 6.67
XOMA     EP .46
GNBT       EP .36

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- Will run to $23+ on
BARDA Contract-Buy 5-16-11

About STW & Our Winning
Penny Stocks Swing Trading Strategy

Some of the companies we have traded in and out of over the past 3 years that have given us over 250% profits on our swing trading shares portfolio are KERX, SIGA, XOMA, EURX, AMST, PWRM, GNVC, TTNP, CBAI, SNSS, GOVX, HNAB, PPHM, MCLN, NEXM, DVAX, GETA, DNDN, ANX, TLCV, TKO, CTSO, ACTC, UXG, MVG, RIC, DNE, ZAAP, SIRI, TKOI, CBLI Several of these companies have moved into bankruptcy but in those cases we were fortunate to have sold our position at a profit before their demise. We still have a position in about half of these companies and often trade back in and out of them as we know them well and have a good feel for their pulse and understand their strategies, news cycles and potential. We have targeted several of them to be our featured Stock Tip of the week in the near future.

Most of the stocks we recommend here will be in the emerging biotech and pharma sectors, we occasionally will recommend energy, tech and consumer stocks. Our trading strategy is to swing trade, holding stock for anywhere from a few days to a few months. Often we hold and move in and out with trading shares as we build a long position in these biotech companies if we see a good potential for eventual FDA approval, partnership with big pharma or a buy out. We focus on small companies that are very volatile, most of which have week balance sheets but strong potential. Most of the stocks we trade will be in the .05 to $1.00 share price range as they have the ability to increase hundreds of percent on good news and often move within a channel with 20% to 50% moves on a regular basis allowing for some repeated swing trades before they break out of the channel. We will occasionally recommend sub penny stocks and also some Biotech companies with stock prices between $1 and $10 Dollars if we feel they will have a big move in the near future.

We also strongly believe that only a small portion of your portfolio should be used to trade on these speculative stocks. Our own portfolio is currently about 30% Cash, 30% Long term stock positions, 20% Gold and Gold Stocks with only about 20% of our funds used for Day Trading and Swing trading small cap & biotech stocks.

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