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Biotech - Metals & Small Cap Stock Tips & Analysis

New stock reports with analysis and recommendations will be posted several times a quarter depending on when we see exceptional Stock Market trading tips or investing opportunities in the biotech stock, pharmaceuticals and metals sectors. The small cap pharma & biotech stocks we report on can be profitable as long term investment positions or as swing trades. Our analysts research reports cover news, trial results, FDA submissions, pending approvals, partnerships, financials, funding, volume, share price movement,  and technical analysis, explaining why the featured stock is set to move up.
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While doing our daily stock research we often find stocks in other sectors that offer good trading opportunities as our Stock Trade of the Day. We do not recommend buying stock on the market open but suggest waiting for share prices to settle, buying our recommended stocks after the opening gyrations.

Our STW Biotech Stock Watch List Changes often, showing the biotechs we are analyzing and considering for future recommendations.

STW stock selling recommendations, updates on previous stock picks and special hot stock buying opportunities are available only to those that sign up for our (currently) FREE Email Special Trading Alerts. We hope to keep this website and our email alerts FREE, with our only income from your support of our advertisers, partners and special offers when signing up for the email alerts.

It is our view that the overall trend of the stock markets over the near term will be down due to the European and US financial crisis and changes to the energy markets. The US economy has been artificially propped up and the recent up trend is another case of “irrational exuberance” caused by smoke and mirrors.

Most of the stocks we recommend here will be in the emerging biotech and small cap  pharmaceutical sectors, we occasionally will recommend energy, tech, metals and consumer stocks. Our
trading strategy is to swing trade, holding stock for anywhere from a few days to a few months. Often we hold and move in and out with trading shares as we build a long position in these biotech companies if we see a good potential for eventual FDA approval, partnership with big pharma or a buy out. We focus on small companies that are very volatile, most of which have weak balance sheets but strong potential.

Most of the stocks we trade are in the .05 to $1.00 share price range as they have the ability to increase hundreds of percent on good news and often move within a channel with 20% to 50% moves on a regular basis allowing for some repeated swing trades before they break out of the channel. We occasionally recommend sub penny stocks and also some Biotech's with stock prices between $1 and $10 if we feel they will have a big move in the near future.

Because of our belief that on a world wide basis there will be a continued and increasing financial decline we will be fighting the downward trend of the market which will make picking winning stocks trickier, but this volatility can also work in our favor allowing us to buy in and build positions if prices decline on companies we believe will spike on FDA approval or study news. We often recommend stocks we have a position in but do not ever want you to buy a stock based solely on our recommendation.

You should only buy these speculative small cap and penny stocks based on your own research and due diligence. One thing to be very aware of when investigating a stock is the volume trap. Often you will be buying tens of thousands of shares to build a position and if the stock has low volume you may not be able to get out of a position without having a negative impact on share price. This also makes some penny stocks susceptible to market manipulation by the market makers, unscrupulous investors or management setting up a pump and dump scheme. You must look at long term share volume trends, insider investment and other factors to see through these pitfalls.

We look at technical factors using TA (technical analysis) which is not very reliable for choosing penny stocks or timing buy and sell points. Technical analysis is not weighted heavily in our decisions. In spite of the risks we love the profit potential and excitement of owning these speculative penny stocks.

Enjoy the Game!

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